What's My ROI

How will this help your center?

This is by far our most frequently asked question. We designed this model to make it easier on the proprietor to purchase more lanes for less and concentrate on creating an experience that their customers will never forget. With frequent updates, new and exciting games and effects, a mobile app, and a variety of advertising opportunities, Clutch Bowling provides a constantly changing experience built to keep bowlers coming back for more.

ROI Calculator

Subscription based model

The Clutch System will pay for itself! Edit the values below, based on your center, to see how fast. Pricing based on $4,495 Per Lane

Number of Clutch Lanes Installed Hours Active per Night Nights per Week Markup per Hour ($) Lane Occupancy (Percentage ex 60 = 60%)

Profits have already taken Monthly service fee into account.

Monthly Service Fee


Profit per Month


Profit per Year


Pays for itself in

8.60 Months