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Advanced on-lane Projection Mapping

Clutch bowling projects games and effects which interact with objects on the lane. In order for these images to look perfect, we custom configure each system to map to your specific install.

Anamorphic Image Engine

Just making sure the image is on the lane properly isn't enough, with our system the image is rendered from a perspective view so it always looks best when standing at the foul line.


Integration with Specto Tracking

Clutch Bowling wouldn't function without Specto. Weather it's destroying monsters, passive effects, or hitting a target on a specific board, specto helps us locate the ball in real time.


Here at Clutch Bowling we're bowlers ourselves, so one thing we wanted to improve upon was how training was done. With our system you can set specific goals and targets and see immediate feedback when you reach that goal. Goals can be speed, accuracy, amount of hook etc. 


Clutch Bowling introduces a new way to bowl with games projected onto the lane that interact with the ball. Battle head to head in our lane vs lane games, or try to beat a high score and get on the local, or global leader boards. 

Lane Effects

Visual lane effects that interact with the ball are displayed on the lane. These can be set to random, center wide, or individually on each lane. 

Ball Effects

Ever wanted to throw a fireball down the lane? Well that's exactly what our ball effects allow you to do. From escorting the ball with airships to shooting cannons at pirate ships, or ball effects provide a whole new level of interaction while bowling. 

AP image

Clutch Control Panel (Admin Panel)

You're probably wondering how you're going to control the system? We provide a software that easily allows you to control all of the system's features such as starting the system, setting effects, starting games, uploading logos and ads etc. With more to come! The Clutch Control Panel is also where you can allow your bowlers to control their own lanes through the mobile app we provide.


There's two parts to our networking, The boring part is that it saves all the configuration online so if anything goes wrong at the center (power outage etc.) then all of the games High scores, user training preferences, and everything else is backed up and saved. Our custom built server also allows the mobile app to interact with the lanes whenever the center wants.

Global Effects Manager (G.E.M.)

The cool part of the networking system we built is that it allows us to seamlessly connect the lanes together in software to allow for effects to cross over into other lanes. Just imagine a dragon flying across the alley. Actually you don't have to imagine here's a video.

Mobile App

Did I mention we have a mobile app. When we built the system we wanted bowlers to have more freedom, and individuality when they bowl, which is why we allowed custom user profiles which users can set their favorite effect, game and even customize their training routine. Users will have to contact the front desk and have them allow access to the lanes, but after that it's up to them what games or effects they use. 

Contact us directly with the form on the right or call us at (541) 243-2807

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Jason Belmonte at Orange Ten Pin

This week the Orange Tenpin Bowl installed Clutch Bowling and it’s freaking awesome!!!!

Posted by Jason Belmonte on Wednesday, March 6, 2019